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Field Service Technician II

Downers Grove, IL
Field Service Technician II
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Outstanding opportunity to work as a Field Service Technician II for a well-established company in Downers Grove, Illinois.

This is a direct hire / permanent Field Service Technician position.

A leading provider of infection prevention products and services in the healthcare market, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that improve outcomes and help save lives.  We accomplish this mission by delivering our products through the following operating units:
Life Sciences: Water purification systems for dialysis facilities.  We work with leading dialysis caregivers, delivering hemodialysis dialyzers and reprocessing systems, as well as sterilants and filtration products.
This position will be responsible for servicing and troubleshooting water treatment equipment (Reverse Osmosis and Lab Equipment), exchanging service deionization tanks and completing necessary paperwork. Responsibilities include electrical and mechanical testing, troubleshooting and repairs, system cleaning, disinfection, calibrations and other required services. #C
  • Respond to non-routine “call outs” for tank exchanges and basic service in a timely and proactive manner.
  • Maintenance of accurate records and communication of all data on customer sites.
  • Prepare and submit to customer and management “service” reports detailing maintenance performed and equipment / application status.
  • Complete equipment troubleshooting, maintenance and service activity runs to ensure system performance.
  • Sample collection at customer sites and analytical chemistry tests specific to each site.
  • Provide basic technical assistance to maximize equipment systems and application benefits tocustomer.
  • Maintain and manage basic routine spare parts inventory.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • 4-6 years of industry experience
  • Bachelor’s, Associates or Technical Degree preferred


  • Knowledge of water chemistry and water treatment equipment
  • Intermediate level mechanical and electrical skills
  • Ability to complete plumbing tasks including working with Sched 80 PVC per MCP workmanship standards
  • Ability to complete basic electrical tasks including work with high and low voltage electrical per
  • MCP Workmanship Standards


  • Excellent verbal and written communications
  • Ability to read, understand and follow Quality System documentation
  • Basic computer skills required including basic proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Knowledge of ISO 14971 – Risk Management for Medical Devices – and how this standard applies to the service and installation personnel
  • Clean driving record – depending on territory, travel miles may be in excess of 40,000/year
  • Ability to work a variety of schedules including nights, weekends and holidays, and the ability to take assignments on short notice
  • Must demonstrate ability to distinguish between colours
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs unassisted
  • Must be able to pass a DOT physical





Adaptability (Level 3)

Adapting in order to work effectively in ambiguous or changing situations, and with diverse individuals and groups.

  • Adapts to widely varied needs
    • Adapts to new ideas and initiatives across a wide variety of issues or situations.
    • Supports major changes that challenge traditional ways of operating.
    • Adapts interpersonal style to highly diverse individuals and groups in a range of situations.
    • Anticipates change in order to adapt own plans and priorities.

Attention to Detail (Level 3)

Working in a conscientious, consistent and thorough manner.

  • Monitors and verifies the work of others for accuracy and completeness
    • Identifies multiple sources/approaches of information to ensure that details are addressed.
    • Reviews the work of others for accuracy and thoroughness.
    • Follows up to ensure tasks are completed and commitments are met by others.
    • Verifies that work has been done according to procedures and standards.

Problem Solving (Level 3)

Identifying problems and the solutions to them.

  • Solves standard problems
    • Identifies standard problems based on a range of factors, most of which are clear.
    • Identifies alternate solutions, considering applicable precedents.
    • Identifies optimal solutions based on weighing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches.
    • Evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions after implementation.

Product and Technical Knowledge (Level 3)

Applying an understanding of the products and services provided, how each product works, and the business value it brings

  • Applies the competency in the full range of typical situations, requiring guidance in only the most complex or new situations.
    • Matches product knowledge to the implicit needs of the customer.
    • Describes how the organization's products/services can create a competitive advantage for the customer's business.
    • Uses knowledge of alternative products/services to enable upselling.
    • Reviews products/service offerings on a continual basis in order to ensure quality.

Initiative (Level 3)

Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise.

  • Addresses imminent issues or opportunities ("Imminent" does not necessarily mean that a "crisis" is involved)
    • Takes action to avoid an imminent problem.
    • Capitalizes on an imminent opportunity.
    • Suggests ways to achieve better results or add value beyond the current situation.
    • Perseveres in seeking opportunities to advance organizational objectives in the near term
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