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CNC Machinist III-IV

Germantown, WI
CNC Machinist III / IV
Location: Northern Milwaukee, WI

  • The specific work can differ each day, depending on the parts being created; primary role is to produce machine parts and tools using precision CNC (computer numerical control) and manual machining equipment.
  • Set up, create programming instructions, adjust and maintain equipment used in daily job activities.
  • Maintain quality and safety standards, keep records, maintain equipment and machining supplies.
  • Plan the machining steps by studying blueprints, engineering sketches, interpreting dimensions and tolerances, materials specifications, and machining parameters.
  • Discuss part designs with Engineer and/or Supervisor to guarantee manufacturability, and collaborate to modify designs when existing ones are not feasible.
  • Determine the fixtures, attachments and tools necessary to complete jobs according to specifications, mount them to machine prior to beginning cutting.
  • Program machines by entering instructions, zero and reference points; setting tool registers, offsets, compensation, and conditional switches.
  • Oversee cutting process, make adjustments, modifying machine speed, tooling and cutting style to ensure precision and accuracy of manufactured parts.
  • Diligent in catching mistakes as they happen and take necessary measures to eliminate errors.
  • Supervise machine temperatures, ensure machine has adequate warm-up and cool-down time between jobs and replace coolant periodically. Inspect all finished components for accuracy and uniformity. Maintain safe operations.
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks to ensure machine longevity, including lubrication, cleaning and tool replacement.
  • Requires a minimum of high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in setting up, programming (G Code), troubleshooting, and operating CNC and manual lathes and milling machines; comfortable using tools and maintaining machinery.
  • Solid grasp of machining practices and various metal characteristics.
  • Read blueprints, interpret dimensioning, use various precision measuring equipment to validate quality.
  • Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, and their application is a requirement.
  • Knowledge and use of CAM software is a plus.
Work Context:
  • Basically work independently.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required (safety glasses, shoes, gloves, etc.).
  • High level of accuracy is required.
  • Must have hand-eye coordination and be able to work in an environment where standing is the norm.
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