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Battery State Estimation Data Engineer - 798

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Job Title: Battery State Estimation Data Engineer 
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

The Battery State Estimation Data Engineer will support battery testing, validation, and development activities related to the family of next-generation xEV  powertrains and batteries. The candidate will perform tasks in analyzing, mining, processing, and tracking the increasing amount of battery and cell test data generated during the course of product development, testing, and validation. This includes data for cell/battery model development such as equivalent circuit modeling, and validation data of battery state estimation algorithms. The candidate will be involved in multiple vehicle programs to deal with a broad range of data, i.e. cell level, pack-level, vehicle-level, and fleet-level.  Responsibilities include but not limited to:

• Process and analyze battery data such as battery/cell performance data, drive cycle testing, capacity/energy tests, cell characterization tests (HPPC, OCV), and battery state estimation SOx validation for state-charge (SOC), state-of-power (SOP) limits, and battery state of health (SOH) estimation.
• Support data regression, statistical analysis, and parameter fitting functions related to battery/cell data, voltage/temperature response modes, and age modeling.
• Perform target deep-dive analysis of (historical) battery data to support root-cause analysis of battery state estimation related issues.
• Deliver reports to department Engineers on battery test and analysis activities
• Generate automated graphical test reports to support validation, analysis, and verification of battery software functions such as battery state estimation, cell balancing, and sensor measurement processing.
• Coordinate with various test labs for characterization and validation testing activities.
• Provide as needed battery data analysis/processing/simulations to support production program design release activities
• Process SOx Validation data from Model-in-the-loop (MIL), Hardware-in-Loop (HIL), Pack and Vehicle level testing 
• Perform as needed data collection activities using software tools such as CANalyzer, INCA, and Matlab.

• Bachelor in Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering or Computer Science with a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience. 
• Two years of experience in data analysis/processing/mining
• Knowledge of parameter fitting, optimization, and data regression methods
• Working knowledge of Battery Management Systems
• Excellent Matlab scripting skills or other languages e.g. Octave, Python
• Effective graphical presentation, interpersonal, and time management skills to engage development and testing teams/personnel

Preferred Requirements:

• Masters of Applied Science in Electrical/Control/Computer/Software Engineering, Masters in Computer Science, or related discipline with Battery Management System experience at a nationally accredited institution
• Prior experience with of battery management systems mechatronics and software functions, battery/cell modeling and characterization methods
• General knowledge of xEV vehicle and powertrains 
• Expertise in statistical analysis, signal processing, simulations, regression, optimization, machine learning, big data analysis
• Prior experience with battery/cell lab test equipment and xEV vehicle testing and DVP&R procedures
• Knowledge of battery algorithms such as estimation of State-Of-Charge, State-Of-Health (resistance/capacity), and State-Of-Power availability. 

Onward Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.
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