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Iron Pourer

St. Paul, MN

Combination of tasks in the Melt department to achieve agreed upon performance levels with respect to job safety, quality, production, cost, housekeeping and delivery. Perform all duties within the Melt department as required. 


· Follows safety policies and wears required PPE at all times during pouring 

· Reads and interprets detailed job card instructions  

· Pours molten metal into sand molds on various production lines 

· Ensures iron temperature is within required range before pouring 

· Responsible for accurate iron chemistry and addition of alloys 

· Responsible for recording data on iron pourer log sheets 

· Communicates with ladle operator, lead, and/or supervisor of job changes on various molding lines 

· Pigs out iron into ingots and/or starter blocks as needed 

· Daily preventative maintenance on pouring ladles 

· Assists on shifting deck and scraping iron when necessary 

· All other duties as assigned by management    


· High school diploma or GED.  

· Previous experience pouring iron and/or other
materials or related duties preferred  

· Prior foundry or heavy industrial work
experience preferred, not required


Physical Work Requirements: 

Describe any physical and mental exertions including mobility, weight lifting, visual requirements, patient care handling, dexterity level of independent judgment and level of emotional stress such as dealing with emergencies. 

This position involves regular: bending and lifting; continuous standing for long periods of time on concrete surfaces; pushing, pulling, and carrying of heavy parts and machines repetitively, must be able to use arms, hands, legs and feet in repetitive motions. 

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