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Development Engineer

Mossville, IL
Title: Development Engineer
Location: Mossville, IL


Job Description / Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities will include developing engine systems efficiently with focus on optimizing diesel engine performance and emissions using utilizing thermodynamic cycle simulation and other engineering analysis tools. This role will provide an opportunity to grow into an end to end engine system development engineer. Job responsibilities include down selecting engine recipes with aid of 1-D thermodynamic simulations, developing engine calibrations by planning and executing tests in state of art engine test beds using automation, analyzing engine data and providing technical recommendations.

The candidate will be expected to ensure tests are run on schedule & to provide regular updates to team members and management on progress of their projects. On completion of individual projects high quality documentation of work accomplished would be required with report out to stakeholders in forums such as Tabletop, Deep Dives & Design reviews.

Through engine simulation, the engineer will ensure optimal performance of diesel engines by defining and ensuring engine technology meets requirements. Their duties include the following: Develop, correlate, maintain and apply high fidelity engine models to support product development and validation.

This role will require developing strong peer relationships and collaborate with global teams. This person must be self-actualizing and have strong customer focus, problem solving, and communication skills.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

1. Education – BSME degree or similar technical field is required with focus on engine thermodynamics coursework.

2. Technical Knowledge –Engine performance data analysis, engine testing, calibration, controls & engine development experience.

3. Initiative – Self-starter that requires minimal supervision who anticipates issue and takes appropriate action without being directed

4. Solid interpersonal skills – Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships

5. Strong communication skills – Oral and written complemented by the ability to develop/deliver technical presentations

6. High personal and professional ethics


Desired Skills/Qualifications:

1. Master's or PhD degree or two to five years of engine product development experience is desirable.

2. Expertise with GT-Power/Destiny/AVL boost/Ricardo wave 1-D thermodynamic Engine Simulation is highly desired

3. Ability to create and troubleshoot a simulation model from physical systems of components.

4. The ability to work in – and enjoy working in – a dynamic environment; adapting to and driving change

5. Computer skills; the ability to use and the ability to learn engineering software packages

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