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Project Engineers (Fabrication and Machining)

Bensenville, IL

Maintain competitive advantage over our low-cost or geographically closer competition through exceptional customer service, engineering know-how and trust based relationships with Customers.


Secure targeted business opportunities by providing quotes and proposals

on-time utilizing technical expertise, manufacturing capabilities and value-added metal solutions when applicable.


Utilize fabrication expertise to plan and communicate requirements to our value streams ensuring delivery of a product that meets our customer expectations.


Ensure customer specified quality is at the highest possible productivity through close follow-up and collaboration with all team members.


Position Reports to Engineering Leader



Project Engineer Responsibilities:


1. Customer Service/Account Manager Duties:

- Main point of contact for assigned customers.

- Develop and maintain close working relationships with our customer’s engineering, purchasing, and other key team members.

- Provide technical support for our customers and become experts on their business so they can trust and value us for guidance and assistance when fabricating to their specifications.

- Address customer questions and inquiries timely.

- Review customer orders and verify that we can meet the terms of the purchase order. If not, negotiate acceptable terms to fulfill the requirements.

- Inform and collaborate with the Sales Team and appropriate Team members to resolve customer service issues that need to be addressed.


2. Estimator Duties:

- Target the appropriate business to meet our company revenue and gross margin goals.


- Understand our customer requirements and verify that we can meet the terms of the quote request. If not, offer options that we can provide or no quote the opportunity.

- Provide quotes and proposals on-time to our customer’s requirements.

- Collaborate with purchasing and suppliers to get the best pricing and delivery while also ensuring high quality.

- Prepare labor and material studies to accurately determine our internal cost.

- Collaborate with Sales & Marketing to determine the margin goal and, closing strategy to win the business. Offer value added options when applicable.


3. Project Planner Duties:

- Understand all aspect of the part or project requirements and specifications.

- Collaborate with the customers on tolerance, manufacturability, and advise on any changes required to meet their specifications.

- Collaborate with the Value Stream team members to find the best process and procedures to fabricate parts.

- Utilize our M1 ERP system, customer prints, visual work instructions and other communication tools to route and communicate project requirements.

- Communicate customer requirements and expectations to our suppliers and Value Stream team members.

- Plan jobs with all information required to fabricate to specification, ensuring the quality of the fabricated parts is met.

- Coordinate with the Purchasing Team and Value Steam Leaders on the material, machining, and any outside service required for the project or part.

- Balance customer demand with our capacity at the time of order.

- Understand and utilize the Project Management Process system for opportunities that fit the criteria.

i. Complete the PMP Estimation meeting to ensure the quoted manufacturing plan meets customer specifications, our capabilities, and minimizes the risk to company.

ii. Complete the PMP Job Planning Meeting to ensure the manufacturing plan is structured in M1 for workflow, add milestone markers (M1 alerts), meets tolerance and process capabilities, ensures the VSLs and Purchasing Team have a clear understanding of safety, customer requirements, and project schedule.



iii. Complete the Debrief Meeting to review the project objectives against the plan. Share what is learned with the other PEs so knowledge is cascaded within the team. Take ownership of actions

to ensure the next run is successful and record the profitably metrics on the tracking log.



4. Project Manager Duties:

- Work closely with the Value Streams to provide guidance and technical assistance during the fabrication process.

- Follow-up with our Value Streams to minimize waste and keep the projects flowing.

- Resolve questions and problems (Flow Interrupters) as they arise to keep the project on-track.

- Ensure the project is going as planned and make adjustments as required to streamline the process improving our gross margin.

- Qualify any adjustment or change in the procedure to ensure that it improves the standard process. Document the standard process as required.


Safety Responsibilities:

- Always wear personal protective equipment when in the plant

- Participate in all required safety training and perform as trained.

- Speak up when you see something happening that is not safe.


Value Stream Responsibilities:

- Participate in continuous improvement program.

- Attend and contribute to value stream meetings.

- Participate in required value stream training and perform processes as trained.

- Flexibility to assist in other work functions when capacity requires.

- Attend L10 meeting

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