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Engineering Tech Support

Bensenville, IL

Ensure the profitability of incoming orders by reviewing all terms and conditions of the customer PO. 


Ensure process plan for parts delivers a product that meets our customer expectations. 


 Support needs of the Engineering team by providing resources to assist and  

 flex as needed to keep the information and jobs flowing.  


Position Reports to Engineering Leader 



Engineering Technical Support Responsibilities.  


  1. Contract Review Duties: 

  • Review orders based on Smart Sequence schedule.  

  • Verify price, delivery, revision, and profitability of incoming orders. 

  • Ensure each job release has current material costs, lead time and process.  

  • Confirm process routings and fabrication drawings to be legible for Production. 

  • Confirm we have all 2D/3D files available for the PE and Layout processes.  

  • Request files, or clarifying information, from customer if missing 


  1. Engineering Duties: 

  • Thoroughly understand all aspects of the part requirements and specifications.  

  • Collaborate with the Project Engineers on tolerance, manufacturability, and advise on any changes required to meet their specifications.  

  • Translate customer requirements and expectations using the red layer standards. 

  • Develop process plans in M1 with all information required to fabricate to specification and meet customer quality requirements. 


  1. Estimator Duties: 

  • Thoroughly understand customer requirements to provide accurate pricing. 

  • Provide quotes and proposals that demonstrate value to our customer within an appropriate time frame. 

  • Collaborate with purchasing and suppliers to get the best pricing and delivery while also ensuring high quality. 

  • Prepare labor and material studies to accurately determine cost. 

  • Utilize a predetermined margin goal to estimate sell pricing.  


  1. Production Support Duties: 

  • Provide production with working documents and visual work instructions. 

  • Have the knowledge of current project statuses, being aware of current. workloads, and how long it will take to complete the project.  

  • Develop relationships with Production Teams to work effectively together. 

  • Flex to other functions to help level workload in overburdened times, providing resources in both Production and Lean facilities projects. 



Safety Responsibilities: 

  • Always wear personal protective equipment when in the plant 

  • Participate in all required safety training and perform as trained 

  • Speak up when you see something happening that is not safe 



Value Stream Responsibilities: 

  • Participate in continuous improvement program 

  • Attend and contribute to value stream meetings 

  • Participate in required value stream training and perform processes as trained 

  • Flexibility to assist in other work functions when capacity requires 

















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