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Catalyst Technologist

Columbus, IN
Title:Catalyst Technologist
Location:Columbus, IN

  1. Experience
  • Prior Senior or Lead Engineer equivalent work experience in a relevant discipline area is required with a demonstrated track record of technical problem solving and quality decision making.
  • Knowledge of MS Office tools is preferred
  • Experience in catalysts designs, catalyst characterization, exhaust aftertreatment testing referred
  1. Additional Responsibilities Unique to this Position
  • Applies specialized knowledge of materials science with engineering principles and practices, to identify and advance solutions for design, manufacturing and quality problems.
  • Works with cross functional teams on projects that require, material selection, failure analysis, material characterization, interpretation and writing of specifications, product quality inspections, material process quality audits, material process development, production process validation and material property data.
  • Initiates evaluation and implementation of beneficial emerging material and material processing technology;
  • Applies technical expertise on complex components or projects and works under minimal supervision;
  • Leads small projects or portions of large projects;
  • Provides technical direction for a projector a project team; Participates as a key contributor and is accountable for project success;
  • Influences at department or program management level;
  • Provides input on program-related decisions; Proposes innovative initiatives and projects;
  • Demonstrates depth of knowledge of engineering discipline(s)and leverages expertise on other projects;
  • Troubleshoots complex problems and recommends appropriate actions; Assists with the transfer of knowledge; coaches and mentors less experienced engineers.
  1. Skills:
  • Laboratory Test Technology -Metallurgical - The engineer shall have specialized knowledge and experience with basic and advanced chemical & metallurgical lab test technology, to the extent that they are able to drive innovation and provide technical direction for a project team on the characterization of physical, mechanical, chemical and micro structural properties;
  • Failure Analysis - The engineer shall have specialized knowledge and experience with failure analysis, to the extent that they are able to drive innovation and provide technical direction for a project team to collect the forensic, manufacturing, and service data needed to determine root cause and deliver short / long term counter measures;
  • Material Characterization Techniques -The engineer shall have diversified knowledge and experience in characterizing materials/substances based upon results of analysis techniques such as identifying atomic structure, nano-scale compositions, surface morphology, and surface chemistry as relevant to the sub-discipline.
  1. Responsibilities:
  • Design the catalysts for the diesel exhaust aftertreatment system;
  • Optimization of the catalyst system;
  • Troubleshoot current product issues;
  • Develop best practices to carry out the catalyst design tasks: simulations, engine tests, field tests, etc.
  1. Candidates with the following qualification will be preferred:
  • Basic understanding of aftertreatment components and system performance for diesel and alternate fuels engines such as natural gas;
  • Experience with MATLAB and engine data analysis with limited guidance;
  • Ability to work independently as a specialist in catalyst performance;
  • Prior experience with modelling tools such as BOOST;
  • Prior experience with reactor tests and simulation models development;
  • Prior experience with performance characterization of catalyst used for diesel applications in NA and Europe;
  • Prior experience with catalyst manufacturing process; quality check process; manufacturing data analysis.

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