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Requirements Modeling Engineer - 0236

Windsor, Ontario
Job Title: Requirements Modeling Engineer - 0236
Location: Windsor, Ontario

Remote with some travel to the US for meetings (only) not working

Must be able to travel to the US


The Requirements Modeling Engineer will be involved in Modeling and Simulation of EE features and requirements (Body, Chassis, Infotainment) including semi and fully automated driver assistance systems. The Engineer is responsible for requirements modeling using IBM Rhapsody and related tasks for existing and new features.

The Engineer is also responsible for performing testing and validation of EE requirement models for the vehicles. Candidate will demonstrate skills in Model Based System Engineering(MBSE) to achieve target of requirements maturation. This includes performing system level Dynamic Analysis of EE features to identify potential requirements issues and requirements maturation in accordance with the EEDP Engineering Process. In addition, the engineer will interface with multidisciplinary teams ex. Systems, VI and Platforms. The candidate must have the desire to learn new processes and technologies.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Design, Develop, Simulate and Validate SysML models and Generate EE system requirements related tasks, for example: 
  • Be able to develop System Architecture Model framework using Harmony SE process
  • Be able to do analysis of existing requirements and functional objectives to identify use cases, Decomposing the use cases into activity and sequence diagrams, Build and simulate model to perform manual and automated validation. The responsibilities include AUTOSAR compliant auto code generation from UML model
  • Be able to annotate the SysML models to generate the EE requirements.
  • Be able to develop executable IBM Rational Rhapsody SysML models
  • Hand-off SysML model to UML Model
  • Auto-code generation and Integration with WPF GUI, VEOS and base software of actual ECU
  • Be able to establish traceability of EE requirements and Customer Functional Objectives to SysML models artifacts and using best practices of SysML model management using Doors Next Generation(DNG) and Rhapsody Model Manger(RMM).
  • Participate in ALM discussions to ensure that the library of SysML models and work streams are being handled in an efficient and reusable way. 
  • To understand EE Functional Objectives and simulate requirements by developing SysML models and GUI for new and advanced EE features. Also to demonstrate these feature to Platforms, VI teams and EE Senior Management in Design reviews.
  • Work with Systems Teams to explain requirements issues and come up with innovative solutions and fixes.
  • Coach Model Based Systems Engineering for Dynamic Analysis class to team members.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering from an ABET accredited university
  • A minimum of 1+ years of related engineering experience
  • Demonstrated ability to apply SysML and UML methodologies for system engineering
  • Experience within the area of Requirements Modeling and Model Based System Engineering
  • Demonstrated ability to apply the V-model development process
  • Demonstrated competency in Systems Engineering – EE Requirements, Communications Protocols
  • Demonstrated competency in Requirement Modeling and MBSE
  • Demonstrated competency in IBM Rational Rhapsody
  • Demonstrated competency in AUTOSAR complaint auto code generation
  • Demonstrated competency in integration of auto generated code with different platforms
  • Trained in both VEOS and GUI creation using WPF
  • Development and implementation of hardware test procedures for system tests, component tests, module tests, functional tests, integration tests and automotive CAN and Ethernet protocols tests.
  • Perform firmware/software integration testing and software validation testing
  • Testing device firmware/hardware and fixing bugs
  • Work both independently and in teams following Agile methodology and practices
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


Preferred Requirements:


  • Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering from an ABET accredited university
  • A minimum of 3 years within the area of Model Based System Engineering
  • A minimum of 3 years of related engineering experience
  • Familiarity of with Orthogonal Arrays
  • Understanding of Embedded System Software development
  • Trained in use IBM Rational Harmony Profile
  • Understanding of VEOS and System Desk
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) certification
  • Familiarity with Orthogonal Arrays for System Behavior Testing
  • 1+ year of experience using C, C++, C#, Java and/or Python
  • Familiarity with Product Line Engineering
  • Strong background in SysML and C++

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