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Electrical Architecture Engineer - Associate - 503

Auburn Hills, MI
Job Title: Electrical Architecture Engineer - Associate - 503
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan


The High Voltage Safety Integration (HVSI) Architect will be responsible for creating Electrical Architecture Block Diagrams for each High Voltage Electrification Programs. Engineer to possess system knowledge, understand packaging constraints and component specific requirements. Collaborate with internal teams, such as Advanced Engineering, program chief, service organization, electrical and vehicle system requirements along with high voltage Safety team. Regularly review HVS diagram with product team, safety team and architecture team. Update architecture drawings promptly to support program deliverables and milestones.

The HVSI Architect will also be responsible for leading and participating in HV Architecture definition and Safety Subsystem level DFMEA's. Attend regular technical table meetings to understand potential changes to HVS diagram

Make changes as required and maintain HVS Diagram during product development. Keep up to date HV architecture for all program and post accurate version of the diagram on SharePoint.

Provide HVS diagram to architecture team for input into system electrical diagram (SED). Support system requirement team on HV safety feature depicted on the diagram.

Provide feedback for design robustness. Track and convey issues discovered. Document best practices.

HVSI Architect in this position shall provide required technical assessment to management and the vehicle teams to assure successful and timely implementation of the safety and Architecture requirements.

  • Hybrid work schedule
  • System Architecture knowledge/experience
  • HV component knowledge
  • Vehicle integration knowledge”
  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical, Applied Physics, Systems Engineering, or related Engineering field from an ABET accredited, or ABET equivalent university
  • Minimum one year experience in product design or system engineering
  • Knowledge in product engineering design and development, with emphasis on systems and product development
  • Understand regulatory requirements, industry standards and recommended practices
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Coordinate activities with cross functional teams
  • Basic knowledge of electrification technology, functionality, and features on the system level
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Master's degree, as accredited by ABET or ABET equivalent, other graduate level technical degrees in the specific area of relevant specialty expertise
  • School projects pertaining to electrified vehicles
  • Strong knowledge of electrification technology, functionality, and features on the system level
  • A self-starter
  • High voltage safety experience with hands-on work on high voltage systems/components
  • Experience with HV safety features including isolation, interlock loop, equipotential bonding.
  • Knowledge on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requirements
  • Knowledge on Stellantis assembly plant operations and overall development process
  • High voltage training and experience is desirable

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