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Powertrain Controls Engineer - Associate - 253

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Job Title: Powertrain Controls Engineer - Associate - 253
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Pay Range: $43-$46/hr


Powertrain Electrical Triage Engineer - Fleet

The candidate will be in charge of triage, commissioning and testing of internal combustion and high voltage vehicle propulsion systems. He /She will follow a propulsion system development process from commissioning of the first mule vehicles in the prototype shops to assisting with End Of Line issues in the vehicle assembly plant with a primary focus on fleet support and related first level issue analysis. He /She must have experience using a variety of debugging tools such as Canalyzer, INCA, Oscilloscope etc.  The Powertrain triage engineer will be responsible for but not limited to:

·        Analyzing current issues at a propulsion system level and eventual issues coming from interaction with other nodes in the vehicle development process.

·        Providing first level issue analysis

·        Analyzing charging systems during interoperability tours by means of specific tools (i.e. Comemso)

·        Assemble and analyze large, complex data sets 

·        Analyze large amounts of vehicle data to discover issues

·        Playing an active role in pursuing engineering excellence, by de-bugging and defining containment actions and permanent solutions to vehicle related issues. The engineer will become an expert in high voltage electrified propulsion systems.



·       BS Engineering Degree with minimum of 1 year of previous automotive experience.

·        Combination of business focus, analytical and problem solving skills in order to quickly define solutions within a specific vehicle application.

·        Excellent oral and written and communication skills: ability to communicate to technical and non-technical project stakeholders.

·        Ability to work within a team and with a proactive attitude

·        Must be familiar with data logs analysis

·        Must be able to handle issues at a propulsion system level

·        Ability to use development tools like CDA, INCA, CANalyzer

·        Proficiency with application engineering principles

-100% onsite at CTC


Preferred Requirements:

·        Extensive knowledge and hands on use of INCA, CDA, CAN, CANalyzer, Canoe, and other Electrical root cause tools. Knowledge of Shanin Red X or other reactive quality tools. Hands on knowledge/experience with automotive propulsion systems.

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