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ADAS Performance Specialist - PSP - CP2870 (1239669)

Windsor, Ontario
  • Description:
    The Performance Specialist will be responsible to guarantee ADAS systems performance and set core performance targets within their competence area. They will be responsible for competitive benchmarking, vehicle assessments, and technical requirement management for ADAS features on production and future vehicle applications. . 
    Job Duties:
    • Set core objective performance targets for all ADAS features based benchmarks of competitive set, translated voice-of-customer, and industry knowledge
    • Work with ADAS Functional Science simulation team to increase requirement simulation capability and apply to programs
    • Create and support core validation plan for test engineering team
    • Provide impact assessment for product/feature changes
    • Review/prepare materials and vehicles for leadership ride and drive events
    • Identify and resolve cross-functional issues affecting ADAS system performance 
    • Identify and fill gaps in new, rapidly growing organization
    • To support Performance Specialists in target setting and waterfall processes starting from the Customer Car Profile (Target Vehicle)
    • To develop and Validate ADAS systems performances on vehicles
    • To support Performance Engineer in virtual and experimental performance development plan definition managed through the Integrated Test Plan
    • To ensure the ADAS systems calibration in collaboration with other department and system suppliers
    • To collect objective data to quantify the subjective feeling, or to clarify the gap between the status and the goal/target when necessary
    • To create knowhow of ADAS features and to support road map development
    • To create benchmark on main ADAS systems and features of competitors
  • Requirements:



    • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent (Materials/Chemical/Civil/ Aerospace/Computer) from an ABET accredited or equivalent university

    • 3 years of related engineering experience
    • Proficient in Google Docs, Sheets, and Pages
    • Excellent problem solving skills
    • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills 
    • Ability to adapt to major strategy shifts whilst ensuring work continuity and motivation 
    • Willingness to support 1-2 week development trips domestic and international 
    • Market knowledge of competitive automotive ADAS system, market trends and safety protocols (e.g. NCAP, IIHS, NHTSA )
    • Clean driving record and ability to drive test vehicles on public roadways
    Preferred Qualifications:
    • 2 years of experience within the area of ADAS product development
    • 5 years of related engineering experience
    • Understanding of Stellantis vehicle and electrical engineering development milestones 
    • Understanding of requirements development process and requirements traceability
    • Related work experience of at least 2 (+) years in companies with a premium / luxury brand positioning
    • Knowledge of automotive dynamics and vehicle engineering variables affecting performance
    • Master Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Equivalent

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