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Quality Test Engineer 13557

Pontiac, Illinois
Quality Test Engineer
Location: Pontiac, Illinois

Outstanding opportunity to work as a Quality Test Engineer in Pontiac, Illinois.
Position’s Contributions to Work Group:
  • The main function of a quality engineer is to research and test the design, functionality and maintenance of products, equipment, systems and processes and develop quality standards. A typical quality engineer has the ability to read and interpret blueprints, and evaluate product integrity and standards.

Reason/motivation for request:
  • Addition
Typical Day in the Role
Typical task breakdown:
  • Leader of SBT, Devises sampling procedures and designs and develops forms and instructions for recording, evaluating, and reporting quality and reliability data.

Interaction with team:
  • Daily

Work environment:
  • Factory Shop Floor Environment
Candidate Requirements
Education & Experience Required:
  • Bachelors Degree Preferred
  • 5-7 years Experience

Technical Skills
(Required) Microsoft Proficient
  •  Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability. Team player and detail oriented. Basic ability to read and interpret blueprints, technical drawing, schematics and computer-generated reports. Previous experience with computer applications and software related to engineering field, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD)


Soft Skills
  • Approachable, Good Listener, Good Communicator both oral and written, Team Player


Disqualifiers/Red Flags:

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